Monday, December 3, 2012

Telecom Christmas Tree Lighting

On Saturday the 1st of December the prefects,ambassadors and their families got a wonderful opportunity to go to the Telecom Christmas tree lighting at Victoria park in the city. We all went to Telecom to have a little talk with Karyn, a staff member at Telecom who helped organise the evening, then we all had a talk before we went on foot to the park.

We all got a bag with some food and a drink, then we all went to the park, when we got to the park we all found a spot to sit down and watch the performances, I opened my bag and saw a
chicken burger and I went straight for the burger.

When it was time to light the tree Santa came and told us how to light the tree. he said the only way to light the tree was to shout HO HO HO as loud as we can. so he said on 1 2 3 we say HO HO HO as loud as we can, so on 1....2......3... HO HO HO. And the blue lights spiraled up the tree till it hit the top and then the tree lit up the park with colorful colours.

Thanks To Tui For Reading My Work.


Harriet Muir said...

Hey Samson,

I'm glad you had agood time on Saturday night! The lights on the tree were very cool weren't they?!

Merry Christmas.

Harriet Muir

Anonymous said...

Well done for shouting HOHOHO loud enough for our Tree to light up Samson! Lizzie @ Telecom

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