Monday, December 3, 2012

Telecom Christmas Tree Lighting

On Saturday the 1st of December the prefects,ambassadors and their families got a wonderful opportunity to go to the Telecom Christmas tree lighting at Victoria park in the city. We all went to Telecom to have a little talk with Karyn, a staff member at Telecom who helped organise the evening, then we all had a talk before we went on foot to the park.

We all got a bag with some food and a drink, then we all went to the park, when we got to the park we all found a spot to sit down and watch the performances, I opened my bag and saw a
chicken burger and I went straight for the burger.

When it was time to light the tree Santa came and told us how to light the tree. he said the only way to light the tree was to shout HO HO HO as loud as we can. so he said on 1 2 3 we say HO HO HO as loud as we can, so on 1....2......3... HO HO HO. And the blue lights spiraled up the tree till it hit the top and then the tree lit up the park with colorful colours.

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Friday, November 30, 2012

Last Day At Tamaki Tech

Every Thursday the Yr 8’s go down to Tamaki College, we had our normal classes I was in the cooking class with Miss Heka,we made Keesh. When the class was over Miss told us that we had a transition and have some other classes.

Our second class was English with Mrs Emery and Mr Stevenson, at english we read about a missing Lion poem. the the teacher said we had to write our own poem. I wrote about a missing gorila.

When we finished our poem we had to go into a room and record our poem,overall english was really fun. the the best subject for me was music with Mr telefoni. We had to write a rap about school,community,yourself. then we all had to perform in front of our class.

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Film Festival 2012

On our way to sylvia park for the film festival on the bus from pt england, we were all chanting and singing. When we got there we were all excited to enter the BIG screen. we all went to our seats. We were all talking and then the lights just went of and it was pitch black.

Then the movies started, when our movie came on we were all shouting YAY and then hosannah started to talk and we all went quiet then the movie started, the movie was called from the inside. After all it was great, and everyone liked it, after room 20’s movie the lights went on Mrs Burt said that that was the end but the tamaki college had to stay.

We all went back on the bus to go back to school. we all had a wonderful day and everyone went home happy

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Patupaiarehe

Our dad was telling us about the Patupaiarehe the Maori fairies. They lived in the swamp land way past our fence. they were good but we didn’t really know what they would do next so we were careful, so we avoided them.

The sands would often shift to reveal bits of taiaha and other weapons, such as greenstone mere and stone adzes, sometime my brother would carry pieces of the old weapons and stones.

We reached the paddock that gave us access to the sand hills,there was heavy fog so we decided to wait until it went away and so we did, the fog was gone and we carried on walking we reached a place with large tree and we walked past it and we reached a strange place, then we saw the fairies and my little sister got scared and my other sister just kept on walking towards the fairies.

We called her to come back but she didn't that was a problem. we called and called but she was still going towards the fairies it was like she was hypnotised. Then I remembered that my dad said that if anyone one of us is walking towards the fairies, that you should tackle them, and so I did.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Hot Pusuit

Starting up our engines we were all ready for the street race I Looked to my left and I saw Stevie in his Dodge Challenger, I look to my right and I see Dominiq on his Ford Shelby Mustang GT500.

Starting up my Camaro ss we were all ready to win and place 1st we all started revving our engines, everything went silent then all you could here was 3....2....1.. GO! everyone shouted. We all stepped on the gas and we were all gone.

Halfway through the  race my car was ahead was coming first Dom 2nd and stevie 3rd. Almost at the finish I saw blue and red lights I warned Dom and stevie the cops were coming and I told them to split up and so we did. I kept on racing to the end Stevie and Dom took a shortcut in the race. Dom and Stevie raced back to me and were all on the run we almost escaped until Stevie’s car got shot by an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse)
the EMP shut down Stevie’s whole car and he stopped his engine  and he got caught then I saw a cop car in front of us and I told Dom to hit it and we did but it wasn't enough the cop car deployed a spike strip and It hit Dom and his wheels pop and he got caught.

I pushed my car to the limit to test how fast the car would go. I saw that there were no light’s so I hid in a dark spot until all the cop cars went past. I went home and thought of a way to bust out Stevie and Dom.  


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I Want To Be A Mechanic.

I Want To Be A Mechanic

Growing up seeing my dad and his friends fixing cars,Wanted me to be like my dad and be a mechanic. My dad taught me what kind of parts there are on cars. My dad would fix cool cars and old cars.

I wanted to be like my dad because If one of my friends or family’s car broke down or something went wrong with it I could fix it. One day I went to a work shop because my uncle’s car broke down in the middle of the road.

When I’m older I want to have a workshop of my own and work with my friend logan, and we could collect cars.
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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Smoking Not My Future

In our class we have been learning about second hand smoking and the diseases that you can get if you smoke.

The likelihood of when you smoke you might get some sort of cancer in your body.S Sometimes when you smoke the blood flow can’t get into some of the body parts like the brain,leg,arm etc. If that happens you will need to amputate or cut off your leg or whatever body part is the blood is not going into.

The consequences of smoking among young people is that they can get lung cancer. When  young people start to smoke the thing inside the smoke called tobacco is very addicting and it is hard for people to give up or quit smoking.

The chances of you getting a disease from smoking? When someone starts to smoke then can’t stop because the brain says that they want more and more of that stuff that they smoked. Most people who smoke get yellow teeth and very smelly breath.

I believe that when you smoke it can do a lot of damage to the body and the brain and how the blood flows and you can die.SMOKING NOT MY FUTURE!

Thanks To Pesi For Reading My Work